“I enrolled into Trinity High School after having been out of school since 1986.  The teachers were truly  amazing. They were willing to help me in any way.   I was in need of some confidence and this program has done that for me.”

                                 Lolitha D.

Trinity High School is a Christian—based high school that allows an adult the opportunity to earn a Louisiana state approved high school diploma. The THS program is designed to meet the educational needs of busy adults. There are both day and evening classes available. Classes are held four days a week under the instruction of certified teachers. Since the THS program is year round, students have greater opportunity to complete their graduation requirements within a shorter period of time. Upon completion of the program, students are given the opportunity to participate in a cap and gown ceremony. Because of our state approval, graduates can attend any upper learning institution for which they qualify. Many of our graduates now hold college degrees, have better jobs, and greater economic opportunities. THS has graduated over 300 students ranging in age from 18 to 62. 

“Trinity High School has given me back what I needed to achieve my goals and dreams.  For me, the education I received from THS was the key puzzle piece I needed. Many in our community need a second chance to get an education, and THS can provide success in educating our world.”           Michael H.